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Is this a Beta version?

Yes, currently all traveler accounts are still in beta as our development team puts the finishing touches on the last few pending features.   We would greatly appreciate any feedback.  All industry professional and company accounts are live and no longer in beta.  

How does TripFlock help me plan trips and activities?

TripFlock is designed to be your central access point and communication hub for everything related to planning trips and local activities.   

The travel and hospitality industry is made up of literally millions of different web sites, apps, companies and service providers worldwide.   It is one big confusing and frustrating mess.  Further, if you are like most people, you probably have dozens of email folders, browser bookmark lists, word documents, sticky notes, text messages and everything in between.    

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a single place to go to where you could make sense of it all?  A place where you could access your favorite planning and booking tools.  A place where you could organize all of your research and also collaborate with your friends and favorite companies.  

Well, that place is called TripFlock and it is free!

Can I write reviews or rate travel and hospitality companies within TripFlock?

Yes, you sure can.  TripFlock provides a powerful rating and feedback capability within the platform.   You can easily rate companies on a multitude of subjects.  In addition, TripFlock provides a unique ability to provide specific types of feedback to a company.   Instead of the generic or general review other solutions provide, TripFlock allows you to target your feedback under different categories such as general review, suggestions, tips and specific complaints.

For example, if you thought a restaurants pasta came out of the kitchen not hot enough, you could post a specific complaint that provides valuable feedback on how they can improve their business. Rather than writing a larger full review, you can write specific feedback examples and file them under their proper category.

What about travel and hospitality company staff?  Can I rate and review them as well?

Yes, absolutely.  TripFlock offers a unique ability to rate and provide feedback on any company staff or employee within the platform.    Every individual company staff member can have their own personal profile with TripFlock, if they choose.   You can browse staff member profiles and provide a rating or specific feedback on any individual person..   

For example, you can rate and review a restaurant waiter, hotel manager, airline attendant, tour guide or cruise line butler.

Why is TripFlock different than other planning and booking solutions available?

Do you notice that every travel or activity planning web site that you visit basically forces you to adhere to their fixed set of tools, suppliers and content?  Nothing is really personalized for your specific tastes and needs.   This is probably why you find yourself jumping back and forth between dozens of web sites or apps when planning a trip or activity.   TripFlock is different, its the first and only planning solution that puts you fully in control of your own environment.  You control the content you want to see, the companies and suppliers you want to work with and the tools you want to utilize..   Nothing is more flexible and nothing provides a more personalized experience when planning trips or activities. 

Can I personalize my planning work space?

Absolutely.  This is what makes TripFlock so great!   It is specifically designed to allow you to personalize your own environment.    You can pick and choose which apps, companies, and information you wish to utilize and get information from.   Whether you use TripFlock for leisure, business or both, you can customize everything to meet your specific needs and interests. 

For example, if you like to fish, you can follow any fishing charter companies in TripFlock.  You can also invite other fishing related companies into the platform if they are not available yet.   Before you know it, your work space will be filled with fishing related news, deals, information and tools.   

Utilize TripFlock as your personalized desktop to access all of the information, tools and messages related to your trips or local activities.

What is a planning journal?

A planning journal is a like a "scrapbook" which you can organize and store information in.  You can create unlimited planning journals for any purpose.  Within a journal you can store notes, photos, videos, web research, emails, quotes, to do lists and more.   Each journal can be private or shared with others.   Many people use planning journals to collaborate with friends while planning a trip or local activity.  Simply name the journal and share it with friends.   Every user can then collaborate on the journal and post comments back and forth to each other.   Others, simply use private journals to keep track of important information and research.

Can I forward email confirmations, quotes, invoices and other important things to my account?

Yes, you can.  You can forward any type of email or attachment to your account.   Simply forward an email to and it will automatically be added to one of your planning journals.   Easily organize all of your booking confirmations, quotes, notifications and related communications., 

Can I clip pages on the web and save them to my account?

Yes, you can.  TripFlock provides a powerful Chrome browser add on that allows you to clip and save any page on the web.   Easily clip booking confirmation pages, important information, web research, or anything else related to your trips and activities.   You can save Url's, text and even take screen shots of any web page.    With one click you can organize and save anything on the web into your planning journals.   Clip and save that fantastic hotel resort you found, a booking confirmation page or some text from a customer review.

What if I need help planning a trip or activity?

Some people like to plan trips and activities themselves.  Some people like to plan things with the help of professionals.  Others, love to sit back and let the experts handle everything.  TripFlock is flexible and allows you to do whatever you prefer!   If you need assistance there are thousands of travel consultants available within the platform to help you.  In addition, there are many travel and hospitality companies waiting to provide a high level of service directly to you.

What is a trip or activity request?

If you would like to get advice on an upcoming trip or activity you can submit a request .   These requests will be sent to thousands of travel experts.and companies.   You will receive multiple quotes and proposals for your review.

How much does this cost?

TripFlock is free for travelers and locals.  It will always be free.

Are there any extra or hidden fees?

No, there are no extra fees or hidden costs to maintain an account with TripFlock.

What type of web sites, apps or tools can I add to my account?

TripFlock offers an app marketplace which allows you to search for available apps and tools that can assist you with planning trips or activities..  You can instantly add any of these apps to your account with a click of a button.   If you do not see a particular company or web site, that you like to work with, you can always invite them into the network.    Any other web site or app that you frequently use can always be added to your Quick Link tool bar.

Can I auto log in to my favorite web sites or apps?

Not yet.  Currently any web site or app that you bolt on to your account opens up another browser window which allows you to quickly access the site.   In the near future we do plan to offer a single sign on ability or pass manager that will allow you to automatically log into your favorite sites.

Can I invite my friends to connect with me?

Yes, Absolutely.  You can invite friends, family members and business associates into TripFlock so you can communicate and collaborate with them.  Invite friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Remember, TripFlock is designed to get you organized and make it easier to plan trips and activities.   Reduce email clutter and confusion by communicating with your friends on a common messaging platform.

Can I invite my favorite travel and hospitality companies to connect with me?

Yes, that is one of the key benefits of TripFlock, You are not limited to the companies or providers already in the platform.  If there is a specific restaurant that you like to frequent, an airline you like to get deals from or tour company that you have used in the past that is not in the platform already, simply invite them in    You can invite any restaurant, hotel, resort, car rental company, airline, cruise line, attraction, meeting planner, tour company, personal tour guide or any other travel and hospitality company.    You are in complete control.

How secure is my data?

Extremely secure.  TripFlock servers are hosted and maintained by one of the largest hosting companies in the world.  Our servers are protected by hardware and software firewalls.  All databases are backed up nightly at offsite storage.  All user log in details are encrypted.  Our engineers and developers monitor the network and platform on a daily basis.

What are expertise points?

As you answer questions from other people you can earn expertise points.   Additional expertise points are earned when other users like your answers and responses. 

What are quick links?

Quick Links allow you to easily add and bolt on any web site to your dashboard.   Do you like to access Yelp or Opentable?  Do you frequently check the weather?  How about news sites related to the Caribbean or local restaurants?   TripFlock provides dozens of important Quick Links by default that help with planning trips and local activities.   You are free to add any web site or app. The Quick Links toolbar helps you quickly scan your favorite sites and apps and then instantly open and access them.

What type of information can I see on my dashboard feed?

The dashboard feed streamlines your information flow and keeps you organized and up to date. As you start to follow companies and people within TripFLock your feed will display related news, deals, events and information.   Your feed will also include posts from your friends and other information related to your personal interests.

How can I search destinations, places or attractions?

Yes, TripFlock provides a global database of over 50 million destinations, places and attractions. New ones are added every day.   Each listing includes photos, rating information and descriptions. TripFlock provides a unique and powerful way to search up to 3 destinations at the same time. Explore any city, state or country and the results are all color coded and include available deals, weather and top companies for each destination.

If I work for a company can I invite all my fellow employees?

Yes, you can.  Within your account you can invite them by email or even Linkedin.  Each employee would signup for their own personal account within TripFlock.

If I own or manage a business can we setup a private work space for our entire company?

Not yet.  This feature is coming soon and will be available to all small, medium or large corporations looking for a personalized work space for all their employees to plan and book travel. Each corporate work space can be configured with any booking, planning and expense reporting tools.   Easily invite and connect with your preferred travel management companies, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, meeting planners and more!   Customize your company work space with your own logo and branding.  

What type of support does TripFlock provide?

We provide in depth training tutorials, weekly webinars, live chat and phone support.  In addition, throughout the platform we provide in-line helpful tips, guides and tutorials to assist as you navigate the platform.

Are there community discussion groups available within TripFlock?

Yes, TripFlock provides a vibrant discussion community for all users.  Start new discussions, answer questions and create groups around different topics.   Travelers, travel agents and suppliers can also access the community discussions. 

Does TripFlock come in other languages?

Not Yet, We are planning to offer an integrated language translation tool shortly that will allow all users to assist in translating the platform pages. 



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