Frequently asked questions and answers


What types of travel or hospitality companies can setup an account on TripFlock?

In general, any company that serves or supports the travel and hospitality industry can setup an account on TripFlock.  Types of companies include but are not limited to the following:

Air Consolidator, Airline, Airport, Attraction, Bed and Breakfast, Bus Company, Business Consultant, Car Rental or Limo, Chamber of Commerce, Coder or Web Designer, Concierge or Virtual Assistant, Consortium, Content Provider, Convention Bureau, Cruise line Ship, Destination Marketing Company, Home Vacation Rental, Hotel, Insurance Provider, Journalist Press or Media, Local Event Organizer, Local Personal Tour Guide, Meeting Planner, Rail Company, Restaurant or Bar, Shopping Store, Technology Company, Ticket Broker, Tour Company, Trade Group or Organization, Videographer or Photographer, Writer or Blogger

How does TripFlock help our travel or hospitality business attract new business?

TripFlock is a one of a kind travel and hospitality platform that offers your company a powerful suite of tools for content marketing, advertising and lead generation.   Effectively build your brand and promote your products and services to travelers, locals and other businesses.   

Most importantly, TripFlock provides a platform of engaged users that is difficult to find in other media outlets.   Users within the platform frequently log in multiple times per day to access content, tools and information.

You will not find a more cost effective solution for distributing your content, deals and advertisements.


How does TripFlock help us streamline our internal operation and communications?

TripFlock allows any travel or hospitality company to instantly create a private work space.  It is basically a company intranet that makes it easy to quickly bring your team together so they can have conversations, collaborate on records, and much more. 

In addition, TripFlock provides a centralized hub to organize all of your company wide tools, apps, content and communications.

If you are like most travel and hospitality companies, your staff spends most of their daily time jumping between many software applications, searching through emails, and trying to find notes and files.   TripFlock can help your company bring everything together and streamline the flow of information.  

Is the TripFlock platform B2C, B2B or Both?

It's both.  TripFlock offers companies the unique ability to promote their products and services to both travelers/locals and other industry companies.   Every single content item, deal or advertisement can be targeted to a different set of users.  TripFlock is designed to be flexible and work within your business model.

Can we advertise and promote our travel or hospitality company on TripFlock?

Yes, all travel and hospitality companies that upgrade to a private work space can advertise with banner ads, display ads and text ads. These Ads are distributed throughout the platform and weekly newsletters.   Your company Ads can target by user type including travel agents, suppliers or travelers.   Each Ad can also target travelers searching for specific destinations as well.   All paid private work space plans includes a certain number of Ad credits.

What type of content can we share with other industry professionals, customers, our team or preferred partners?

TripFlock is designed to be a communication and collaboration platform.   As such, you can easily create, publish and share blog posts, photos, videos, links, files, news, events, content pages, notes, surveys, and more.  The platform provides easy to use drag and drop WYSIWYG editors for content creation.  Individual accounts are limited to select types of content sharing while private work space accounts offer more advanced content creation and sharing.   

While it is true that you can share content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, TripFlock provides a powerful industry specific publishing platform to share information with like minded individuals, in context, and at the right time.  

Can we manage our existing social media accounts from within TripFlock?

Not yet.  In the near future TripFlock will provide a new module that allows all users and companies to manage existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Our upcoming social media management solution will allow you to schedule posts and also monitor and reply to posts.

If we have a booking engine, web site, tool or app, can we promote it on TripFlock?

Yes, you can.  TripFlock has an App Marketplace where any company can promote and distribute their web apps, tools, booking engines, and web sites.   Other users within the platform can easy add a link to your app right on their personal desktop and quick link tool bar.   Your company will receive detailed reports and stats on each user who grabs the app.

Can we promote deals or promotions on TripFlock?

Yes, you can.  Your company can easily create deals with or without coupons.   These deals will be shown in dashboard feeds, weekly emails and when users search destinations.  Each deal shared will have detailed reports and graphs provided showing exactly which users grabbed the deal. Create any types of deals including restaurant deals, cruise promotions, local tour guide coupons, discount airfare promotions and many more!

Can we load our inventory into the platform?

Not yet.  In the near future, we will provide a tool that allows you to import products, services, deals and other related inventory items.  Once loaded, your company products, services and deals will be available for purchase on your company profile page and web site.


Can we utilize our TripFlock account for only marketing purposes?

Yes, Absolutely.  Many TripFlock companies choose to setup an account or work space simply to promote their products and services. Your company is not required to utilize any particular application or service offered within the TripFlock platform.  If, for example, you have no need for a CRM, web site builder or lead manager but would love to place advertisements and distribute deals, feel free to do so.

Does TripFlock approve every company or industry professional before their account is setup?

Yes, we do.  TripFlock staff will review the information submitted from every company or industry professional before approving them for access into the platform.   Our staff may ask for further documentation or ask additional questions to verify the true identity of the person or company attempting to setup an account.   We have a manual approval process on all supplier and vendor accounts for a few different reasons.  First, we want to make sure that all the companies and industry professionals are legitimate and sell a legitimate product or service.  No scams or spam companies wanted.  Further, we want to make sure that all companies and industry professionals joining have a valid purpose for doing so and will they benefit the platform as a whole.


Can we customize TripFlock to meet the needs of our business?

Yes, TripFlock is designed to be extremely flexible and adaptable to your particular business.  One of the best things about TripFlock is that it does not force you to change your entire business.  If you prefer, continue using the same tools, GDS, booking sites, point of sale software, and apps that you currently utilize by adding them to your TripFlock desktop.    The platform helps streamline your business operation by organizing all of your favorite tools, communications, files, contacts, and notes into one central location.

The applications and modules included within the TripFlock platform can all be fully customized.   You will not find a more flexible platform within the travel or hospitality industry. 

In addition, if your company has a specific request or feature that it required, our development team is happy to review and implement it as quickly as possible.  In fact, our team meets weekly to discuss and implement all of the suggestions we receive from existing customers.

Can we try out the platform before paying?

Yes, Absolutely.   All industry professionals and companies get a 14 day free trial to test out the platform.  After the 14 days you can choose to purchase a paid plan or revert back to a free profile account only.

What is the difference between a personal account and private work space?

A personal account is designed for one individual person only.  Upgrading the account to a private work space allows you to invite all other employees, staff, managers and team members within your company.   A private work space also offers many advanced features for content management, team sharing, collaboration, user permissions and much more.   A private work space is basically your own company intranet.   Each user within the work space with get their own personal profile and your company itself will get its own profile as well.

If our large company has many divisions or locations can we setup a separate work space for each entity?

Yes, TripFlock offers many benefits for large organizations.  In fact, one the most powerful features that the platform offers is the ability to streamline communication and collaboration between internal staff, management and related employees.  For example, if your hotel company has 50 properties it could setup a private work space for each location.  Each property could have its own branding, tools and content.   Please contact us for volume pricing on multiple work spaces.   

Can we customize a private work space with our own branding, content and tools?

Yes, your admin staff can fully customize every aspect of the private work space.  You can add your own company logo and colors. You can customize all of the content and pages with an integrated CMS and also bolt on existing tools and apps.  Everything can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company.

Can we create custom quotes, proposals and invoices for clients?

Yes, TripFlock provides an easy to use drag and drop designer that allows you to create custom documents for quotes and invoices.  Print or email a PDF to your clients.   Each quote or invoice is branded with your company's logo and colors.    Customize your documents with photos, text, recommendations, tips, pricing and even create templates for frequently used proposals.    If that is not enough, all of your quotes and invoices are color coded so you can easily track the stage each booking is in.

How do we track and manage payments?

You can track all customer payments within an invoice.  As you receive and process payments from clients, simply post the payment information and instantly update the invoice balance.  Email payment receipts to your clients with one click.

Can we process client credit cards for payment directly?

Not yet.  In the near future, we will provide an interface to Stripe and other payment gateways that will allow you to process customer payments directly on any invoice.  Funds will be deposited directly into your company bank account.  Currently, you can just record the payment processed on the invoice.

Can we manage product or service inventory with TripFlock?

Not yet.  In the near future, entities such as tour companies, personal tour guides, or activity providers will get access to more advanced tools for managing product and service inventory.   TripFlock is an open platform.  So your company could always choose to utilize these upcoming features or partner with the many tour management solutions available.

What is special about TripFlock pricing?

TripFlock provides travel and hospitality companies with powerful business management tools combined with marketing, leads and advertising ability.   It is this combination that makes TripFlock so unique.  Our pricing plans include powerful tools but also offer the ability to promote and market your travel and hospitality business.   It's all included with no extra fees.

Yes, there are many other CRM's, lead services, quote generators, and web site builders available. We challenge anyone to find a solution with so many tools and services bundled together for the same affordable monthly price.   Tip - You won't find it.


How secure is our company data and information?

Extremely secure.  TripFlock servers are hosted and maintained by one of the largest hosting companies in the world.  Our servers are protected by hardware and software firewalls.  We also utilize advanced intrusion protection software.  All databases are backed up nightly at an off-site storage location. All user log in details are encrypted.  Our engineers and developers monitor the network and platform on a daily basis.

Is TripFlock a reservation or booking system?

Neither.  TripFlock does not provide reservation or booking abilities. It is an open technology platform that allows your company to operate however and with whomever it wishes.    The platform is designed to facilitate connections between industry partners themselves and also directly with end users.   It is the glue that ties the entire travel and hospitality industry together.

Can we connect with our own preferred suppliers and partners?

Yes, TripFlock is designed to streamline collaboration with your preferred partners.  Many suppliers are already operating within the TripFlock network.  However, if you have a preferred partner that is not setup yet you can easily invite them into the platform.  Once they setup an account you can begin receiving all of their deals, promotions, training content, booking tools, news, events and more right inside your TripFlock Desktop.  In addition, your staff can begin messaging with its partners on a common platform.  Staying informed and communicating has never been easier!

You can also easily setup Quick Links to all of your preferred partner booking systems, web sites and training portals right within your own personal TripFlock Desktop.

We would like to setup a private work space for our company but we want to "lock it down" and hide or remove all other social content and profiles.  Can we do this?

Yes, Absolutely.   You will be amazed how flexible TripFlock is.  Our development team has spent four years fine tuning all the user permissions, custom views, privacy and competitive settings within the platform.   You can even block individual companies from view if you prefer.  For example, if you do not want your company staff members or sales agents to see or have access to a specific tour provider or a competing hotel you can simply block them from view.

Can we connect existing GDS, booking tools, point of sale and other reservation systems to our account?

Yes, TripFlock provides a feature called Quick Links.  This feature allows you to bolt on and link up access to all of your favorite booking systems, apps, tools and web sites.  Once configured, you can quickly scroll through your links and jump to these applications.  In the future our development team will work to provide single sign-on access to your Quick Links removing the requirement to manually log on each time.  

We also have a browser add-on coming very soon that will allow you to click a button and extract accounting data from your favorite web sites and automatically insert this information into quotes and invoices.

Can we connect our existing back office accounting system?

TripFlock provides an internal reporting module to track invoices, commissions and sales. It is designed to replace your existing back office accounting system if you wish.  You can also continue using your existing accounting solution as well.  TripFlock can transmit an email to your accounting staff which details each invoice submitted.  In the very near future we will also provide export abilities that allow you to export data into Quickbooks and other back office systems.    Our development team is also working on auto-syncing applications that will allow you to sync data with other third party accounting solutions.

Is TripFlock designed to replace my existing CRM and other systems?

Yes, TripFlock provides a powerful and easy to use CRM application to manage your entire business and customers.  However, you are free to continue using your existing CRM tools if you prefer.   TripFlock is designed to be a personal Desktop first.  So you can easily bolt on and link to any existing tools that you may utilize.   The great thing about TripFlock is that you can pick and choose which tools you wish to use and which you don't.  

Can we import our existing customers and database records?

Yes, TripFlock provides an easy to use import tool.  Simply export your existing customer database in Excel format and then import that file right into your TripFlock account.   It's fast and easy.

Can we share CRM records, quotes, invoices, leads and calendar's with team members?

Yes, you can, as long as you get a private work space.  Within a work space you can create different groups of users called teams.   All users within a team can collaborate on business records together.

How much does this cost?

Individual user accounts start as low as $10 per month currently.   The lower Pro plan offers all the business management tools only.   The Pro Plus plan includes all the business tools but also provides industry professionals with marketing, leads and other ways to promote themselves.

Private work spaces start at $49 per month for a small team.  Please check our pricing page for more details on pricing plans and special promotions.


Are there any start up or hidden costs?

No, there are no others costs.   TripFlock is designed to provide a powerful technology solution at an affordable monthly cost.   

Can we mass email our customers?

Yes, you can.   TripFlock provides a powerful CRM solution for all users.   You can easily select multiple contact records and instantly mass email all of them.   You can even create email templates and mail merge contact fields like first name or last name.   Our development team is also finalizing a powerful HTML newsletter ability.   This new feature coming soon will allow travel and hospitality companies to customize HTML email templates and also insert deals. It will also provide reports on who opened and clicked the emails.

Can we build a web site or blog with TripFlock?

Yes, TripFlock provides the industry's most powerful and easy to use web site builder.   You can easily customize your site with drag and drop editors.   Insert content widgets such as photos, videos, HTML, rotating banners, deals, destination content, places, links and much more.   You can even invite partners, bloggers, writers and other providers to automatically post content on your site, keeping it fresh and dynamic.   The web site builder also allows travel and hospitality companies to easily bolt on their favorite partner booking engines or affiliate links.

Your company can configure its own sub domain for the web site or blog.

Can we add custom fields to the CRM?

Of course, you can add unlimited custom fields and folders to store records in.  The CRM can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your travel or hospitality company.

Does TripFlock replace my email system?

Well, in a way yes.    TripFlock has an integrated messaging system that allows you to communicate effectively with customers, other industry professionals, your team members and even your preferred partners.  You can send and reply to messages just like a normal email system as long as the other user has an account within TripFlock. We will continue to enhance this messaging system to make it even more powerful and easy to use.   Look out for many new and exciting features coming soon.

In the near future we will provide an ability to sync existing emails from your own pop email account effectively allowing you to manage all internal and external emails from the same interface.   Our goal is to allow you to manage all of your communications including email, chat, phone, text and social media from within TripFlock.

Currently, when you signup, you will configure the account with a preferred email address.    When the platform sends emails out on your behalf they will be sent from your own personal email address.   So the FROM: address will show as your email address.   When contacts reply to any of your platform emails, you will receive these messages in your normal email client or software.


Does TripFlock come in different languages?

Not Yet, We are planning to offer an integrated language translation tool shortly that will allow all platform users to assist in translating the platform pages.  However, TripFlock is highly flexible and provides a content management system and the ability to customize almost every area of the platform.   So your company staff already does have the ability to translate its own content pages, labels, link names and other select parts of the platform.

How does the reporting module help our company track revenue, sales or commissions?

Are you using Microsoft Excel to track invoices, sales and commissions?  You are not alone. TripFlock provides an easy to use and powerful web based reporting solution.  The reporting modules provides custom reports, stats and full color graphs showing how well your travel or hospitality business is progressing on a monthly or annual basis.   As you create invoices for customers you can simply click a link to submit the booking to accounting.  As you submit bookings they are automatically tracked and organized in the reporting module for your review.    

The reporting module displays all pending commissions allowing you to easily keep track of which partners have not paid yet.  As commissions come in from the supplier you can quickly close out and post a commission to each booking.   So you always see at glance how much revenue you have and how many commissions are still outstanding.


Can we distribute leads to our inside sales staff?

Yes, our integrated lead manager allows you to assign leads to any user within your private work space.

Can we invite our own customers into the platform?

Yes, TripFlock provides a unique and powerful ability to all travel and hospitality companies.  Your company can invite its own personal customers into a branded version of TripFlock.   This feature effectively allows your company to provide a customized trip and activity planning portal for all customers.   Your customers will not see the TripFlock logo when they log in. They will only see your company's logo, colors, booking links, and approved content.   You have complete control of what your own customers can do and see. Streamline communication and collaboration with this one of a kind feature!  Any travelers or locals that your company staff directly invites will be linked to your account.


What type of support and training do we get?

We provide in depth training tutorials, weekly webinars, live chat and phone support.  In addition, throughout the platform we provide in-line helpful tips, guides and tutorials to assist as you navigate the platform.